There is a lot to say about ROOTS. However, the information available today is very limited. Nevertheless enjoy what is available.

  1. ROOTS
    1. Getting and Running ROOTS
    2. ROOTS Console.
    3. ROOTS Remote Server and Client
    4. Developer Documents

Getting and Running ROOTS

The ROOTS Server is provided via Web. How to get and run it is described here.

ROOTS Console.

The ROOTS console provides a console view to ROOTS given command line access to OSGi and ROOTS features. Access to Console is provided by the Web Console.

Once you have access to the console you can run help to be informed about available commands. Even you have an online help description additional information for some aspects are provided by specific documents:

As a developer you might implement your console commands. How to do that can be found here.

ROOTS Remote Server and Client

The agent factories RemoteServerAgent and RemoteClientAgent can be used to create Roots agents for sending data from Roots client to Roots server.
For more informations see Roots Remote.

Developer Documents

There are a rising number of documents for the ROOTS developer or technical interested people. For the moment these are: